Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences
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3-year studies, first-cycle (bachelor degree)
Admission based on the results of the secondary school leaving examination.

- Coach*
(for players who have been training for at least 3 years),
Recruitment for the coaching specialization is currently conducted in the followingdisciplines:
football, handball, volleyball, basketball, sport shooting, swimming, tennis, table tennis, judo, athletics, karate,
bodybuilding, cycling, badminton, sports gymnastics, jujitsu, karate
- Sports Manager

2-year programme, second-cycle studies
(master degree):

Admission based on the arithmetic mean of the grades from the course of study and the final mark from the diploma of
completion of a bachelor's degree in any field of studies.

- Coach,
- Trainer of motoric preparation,
- Personal trainer,
- Paralympic sport,
- Manager of sport organisation,
- Wellness in sport,
- Nutrition and supplementation in sport

- is physically fit,
- is interested in issues in the field of sport,
- has predisposition to analytical and synthetic perception of reality in the field of physical culture.

- works as a sports coach or sports manager, in clubs, sports associations and state institutions responsible for sports,
- independently solves problems connected with organisation and conducting training,
- knows and can introduce principles of the motor preparation of sportsmen and sportswomen,
- knows the principles governing sport and sport organisation,
- is able to share knowledge and information