Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences
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Hostel Rules and Regulations

  1. Place in the hostel is granted yearly for the period of 9 months starting from the beginning of the academic year.
  2. Vice-rector for Student Affairs and Academic Sport as well as the Hostel Manager represent the University in amatters regarding occupants.
  3. After settling the deposit and registering by the student Hostel Manager accommodates the students in accordance with the allotted place.
  4. The deposit rate is established every year by the University Rector.
  5. Prior to accommodation student signs a contract which regulates all aspects of living in the Students Hostel as well as Hostel Rules confirming that he understands and accepts all regulations and he commits himself to obey them.
  6. Student receives Occupant’s Card which allows him to pick the room keys at the reception.
  7. Each occupant is obliged to leave his room key at the reception when leaving the building.
  8. Making duplicate keys is FORBIDDEN.
  9. Occupants are fully responsible for the condition of their room and its equipment. In case of damages their value is calculated by a committee lead by the Hostel Manager.
  10. Hostel Manager in cooperation with Occupants Council decides about the way to repair the damage.
  11. Quiet hours 11.pm – 6 am.
  12. All questions and cases concerning accommodation should be firstly reported to the Hostel Manager.
  13. After 11 pm. any visitor may stay only if he or she leaves his/her ID at the reception and the visitor’s host confirms his/her stay in person. The confirmation must be done by 10.30 pm the latest (registration in the visitors book). The visitor is charged overnight fee; the same as the price for the night in the guest room. In order to stay longer than one night the visitor needs Hostel Manager approval.
  14. Any person under influence of alcohol is NOT ALLOWED to enter the Students Hostel (the receptionist along with a representative of Occupants Council are decision makers in this case).
  15. Hostel occupant is responsible for behaviour of his/her visitors present in the property.
  16. Visitors mustn’t disturb another occupants.
  17. Exceptionally (e.g.: parents visit) it is possible to allow the visitor stay in the guest room (after arranging the date earlier). The overnight charge is regulated by separate regulations.
  18. Social meetings in the property can be organised only after receiving Hostel Manager’s permission.
  19. Occupants and their visitors ale obliged to obey Hostel regulations.
  20. Occupants are responsible for cleaning the segments they occupy.In order to protect against devastation where the guilty person has not been found the Hostel collects deposit from Occupants prior to registration. The deposit will be returned for every floor separately. The deposit rate is established by Rector’s directive.
  21. Deposit is returned after the losses are balanced within 60 days from moving out.

Students Hostel Occupants are OBLIGED to:

  1. to return all borrowed equipment in unchanged state
  2. tidy and clean the room upon moving out
  3. show the Occupant’s Card while picking the room key or at Manager’s request
  4. look after the furniture and technical devices, as well as inform the Hostel Management about any damages
  5. respect and obey all directives of Hostel Manager, Occupants Council and University Authorities

Occupants are NOT ALLOWED to:

  1. take out of the building any equipment or properties belonging to the Students Hostel
  2. use the rooms for different reasons they are destined to.

Students Hostel Payment

  1. Occupant pays for his place in the Students Hostel until the 15th of every month. The date of payment is the date when the money is transferred to the University account.
  2. Delay in payment is charged 5% of payment rate for each month of delay.
  3. Delay over two months terminated the occupant’s right to stay in students Hostel. The occupant will be removed from the hostel and obliged to settle all his/her unpaid liabilities.

Final Regulations
All occupants are obliged to obey the present Hostel Rules and Regulations as well as directives of Vice-Rector for Students Affairs and Academic Sport, Hostel Manager and Hostel Self-government. Student’s right to occupy the allotted place is lost in following cases:

  1. Student failed to obey Hostel Rules and Regulations
  2. Student has been crossed off the Students List.

Student evicted from the Hostel must leave the property within 7 days from the date of eviction notification.